Silver Creek Township

Wright County, Minnesota  -  Established April 6, 1858

"Government at a Grassroots Level"

Mailbox Ordinance

Mailbox ordinance: The township has added section 1.12 Part 2 to the Town Right-of-Way Ordinance.  County Building Permits. Applicants for all building permits from Wright Co for land abutting a Right-of-Way in Silver Creek Twp, must have their applications approved by the Town. The Wright Co Planning Dept. shall refer such applicants to the Town before issuing a building permit. Upon approval by the Town, the Town shall issue a letter of approval to the Planning Dept.  When the construction involves or affects an approach or culvert abutting a Right-of-Way in Silver Creek Twp, the Town shall review the application to determine whether the design, location, and construction of the approach or culvert meet the safety, maintenance, and drainage polices of the Town. No application shall  be approved until such safety, maintenance and drainage issues are met to the satisfaction of the Town.  In all other cases, the applicant shall purchase an approved mailbox structure from the Town. The Town shall install the mailbox structure in a location selected by the Town, in compliance with postal regulations, to ensure that all mailbox structures are on the appropriate side of the right-of-way for the safety and maintenance considerations of the Town, vehicle operators, and postal carriers.  No application shall be approved until the applicant has paid for the approved mailbox structure, unless the Town determines that any existing mailbox structure is located on the appropriate side of the Right-of-Way and satisfied safety and maintenance considerations.